Home Reports Sniper kills IS commander in Sirte

Sniper kills IS commander in Sirte


Related local sources confirmed the death of one Islamic State commander, last night, in Sirte, Sudanese national called Hamad Abdel Hady, nicknamed Abu Anas Al-Muhajer.

Sources said, to Al-Wasat website, that a sniper inside the city managed to kill the Sudanese, an official in the IS sharia court, upon his arrival to medical facility opposite to a park in Sirte.

“State of terror prevailed among the IS ranks after the death of Al-Muhajer, they randomly shot in the air to scare inhabitants, while searching for the sniper” one source said.

On another side, source inside the common security chamber in the Central Region of Libya said that the military planes flied over Sirte, Hawara, Bin Jawad and Nufalya to monitor movements and positions of the IS elements, and according to sources, the airplanes are affiliate to chief staff of the General National Congress (GNC).

Inside Bin Jawad, sources said that IS elements confiscated number of Salafist houses and wrote slogans as “property of IS”.

Banning of pants

The IS elements detained many citizens affiliate to police and army, accused them of Infidelity giving them time till the end of October.

Some displaced citizens from Sirte in Ajdabiya said that the IS banned youth from wearing tight pants.

At Bin Jawad, the group stormed many houses, and announced it will revenge detainees, who were arrested last week, for different reasons including cooperation with the army, Libya Dawn, Operation Dignity, and others fled the city.

The IS control Bin Jawad since the 4th January after retreating from Al-Sedra and Houroj oil ports.