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Maintenance on North Benghazi power station


The general electric’s company in Benghazi announced the continuity of maintenance of facilities damaged in attacks on North Benghazi power station.

The company called citizens in the eastern region to reduce electricity consumption and use cooking gas instead of the electric oven.

The company pointed that the generating electricity was weakened due to the bombing of the northern power planet, Wednesday morning, that caused grave damages, as well as damages occurred during the past two days which negatively affected electricity production.

The company added in a statement that the available electricity generated in the planet is reduced to only 589 mega watts for the eastern network, while the expected was 1000 mega watt.

The company was able to link new cables to the Sidy Yunis – Al-Thama cable, in addition to other work on the same line, company media bureau director, Jibril Sheater, said.

The north Benghazi power station was targeted by random shells that resulted in multiple malfunctions and electricity run out.