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Cautious calm in Ubari after armed clashes


The spokesperson for Ubari operations chamber, Majdy Buhena, said that cautious calm prevails the city since Tuesday, after clashes erupted between armed men from Tabu and Tuwareg.

He added, to Ajwa Net, That armed from Tabu and Tuwareg are stationed in their previous positions inside the city. Mohamed Saleh from Tuwareg said “Tuwareg elders are looking with Tabu the activation of Doha agreement that signed by the two sides, November last year, to stop infighting in Ubari, and retreat of Tabu and Tuwareg, deliver the city to a neutral force from Al-Hasawna tribe and work with Libyan and Qatari Red Crescent to repair damages caused”.

More that 14 were killed and 5 injured from Tabu and Tuwareg since confrontations erupted in Ubari, Sunday, according to Buhena.

Clashes between Tabu and Tuwareg erupted since mid-September 2014 in Ubari, 1150 km south Tripoli, caused dozens deaths and injuries, and dire living circumstances, most citizens fled the to  neighboring cities.