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New Tamazight year celebration on January 13

Amazigh, or Berber, people attend a protest at the Libyan Prime Minister's office in Tripoli November 27, 2011. Several hundred people from one of Libya's biggest ethnic minority groups, the Amazigh, pushed their way to the doors of the office on Sunday to press their demands for greater representation. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (LIBYA - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST)

The Supreme Council for Libya’s Tamazight has marked January 13th as a national holiday in Tamazight municipalities in celebration of the new Tamazight year 2966.

January 13th falls on the first day of the agriculture year in some North African nations and remarks the day (Shoshenq I) was crowned over Egypt in 950 B.C.

The council elaborated in a statement that the holiday is in effect in the areas of Nalot, Kabao, Fresta, Tandamira, Jado, Tmloshaiet, Jefren, Al-Qala, Zwara and Tamzeen.

A celebration is scheduled to celebrate the occasion in Kabao municipality, which other municipalities will attend.