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Violations against journalists during last quarter of 2015

LCFP: More than 26 journalists were targeted during the fourth quarter of 2015 - Internet

Libyan Center for Freedom of Press (LCFP) said that journalists were subjected to at least 26 violations during the fourth quarter of 2015.

The chairman of the LCFP Mohamed Al-Najim said, Monday, that the LCFP issued a report describing the statues of field journalistic work that is in total paralysis due to dangers in transportations, and threats from armed men affiliated to different sects.

He added that such statues led to strict self censorship that weakened truth telling from different angels, pointing that the fourth quarter of the last year, from October to December, saw 26 violations, comparing to 23 in the third quarter.

One of the most serious cases is the widen of threat range or attempts of murders, according to Al-Najim.

“Arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance face journalists, seven cases were reported comparing to five cases in the third quarter” according to Al-Najim.

He added that kidnappings and torture increased, five cases were reported from three cases in the third quarter. Four cases of threats, and four assault cases against media institutions.

Preventing such assaults requires more efforts to advocate the rights of journalists by all legal and social means, the LCFP put a strategy for such efforts during 2016.

According to Al-Najim, Tripoli is where most cases of violations, assaults, arrest and abductions reported.

The report seeks to put a credible database for assaults against reporters and media.