Home News Two were expelled from two Misratan battalions

Two were expelled from two Misratan battalions


Two Misrata Military Council affiliated battalions announced expelling 2 of their affiliates. One accused its ousted member of arranging an attack against the head of the Presidency Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, during his journey to Zliten city.

“Hetteen” battalion announced that its council expelled Abdulhafeedh Mesbah Qwasemon starting from Saturday. On the other hand, “Zawiat Al-Mahjob martyrs” battalion denied in its expelling announcement, on Sunday, the actions of its group leader Abdul-Lateef Al-Kreek.

The battalion disowned Al-Kreek’s actions, accusing him and his armed group of holding violent action against Al-Sarraj during his visit to Zliten.

The battalion called on authorities to take its actions against Al-Kreek, noting that it managed to end the chaos to facilitate and secure Al-Sarraj’s return.

Al-Sarraj headed to Zliten to express condolences to the families of victims of the attack on a police training center in the city, which Islamic State group (IS) claimed responsibility for.