Home News Futsal unites Tripoli and Benghazi in Al-Dharrat complex

Futsal unites Tripoli and Benghazi in Al-Dharrat complex

Sport unites Benghazi and Tripoli in Benghazi - Internet

Sportive chants and celebrations united Benghazi and Tripoli in Suleiman Al-Dharrat complex in Benghazi where a football match was held between Al-Ahly Benghazi and El-Ettihad Tripoli clubs, on Saturday.

“Welcome El-Ettihad, we are honored, Benghazi compassionate is enlightened” Benghazi club fans chanted. Attendees inside the stadium assured the existence of national unity marks in the game that sports brought in away from politics.

The stadium witnessed intensive crowds that chanted in support for their teams. Several public figures attended the match including, the chief of the local council of Benghazi, Omar El-Barasy, and the commander of the special forces, Wanees Bukhamada in addition to the leaders of police and security forces that secured the match.

The match was targeted by Mortar shells “120” by terrorist groups. Shells lost their way and no human causalities were reported, military officials said.

El-Ettihad club defeated Al-Ahly in the futsal match by 5-2 in Benghazi.