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Benghazi members commend GNA statement

Al-Eraiby: The GNA's statement is a step forward in the right path - Internet

Benghazi representatives at the House of Representatives (HoR) commended the Government of National Accord (GNA)’s statement denouncing attacks against north Benghazi power plant and Tawergha displaced camp.

The HoR member, Essa Al-Eraiby, said, on behalf of the HoR, that the GNA’s pledge to raise arms embargo against the army and fighting terrorism is “a step forward in the right path”.

“Describing the role of the armed forces in fighting terrorism, as heroic, is a major step towards uniting factions, end state of political division to eliminate terrorism and rebuild the country”, Al-Eraiby said to Al-Wasat newspaper.

The Presidential Council of the GNA condemned in a statement the targeting of north Benghazi power plant, and Tawergha displaced camp with mortar shills.

The council’s statement stressed the heroic role of the Libyan armed forces in fighting terrorism and restoring security and stability, praising their sacrifices. The statement confirmed the GNA efforts to end arms embargo against the Libyan army.