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Mogherini calls for unity to fight terrorism in Libya

Mogherini: Libyan people deserve peace and security - Internet

The Higher Representatives of Foreign Policy in European Union, Federica Mogherini, called for unity among Libyans to fight terrorism, with the Libyan political dialogue, the Government of National Accord and the Presidential Council headed by Fayez Al-Sarraj that “we hope to be formed as soon as possible” she said.

Mogherini confirmed, after meeting with Al-Sarraj, that all Libyans suffered from war, conflict and sorrow.

Following is a transcript for Mogherini’s statements:

“It is very important for me being here, and meet again my friends, it is an honor to be the first international partner to meet with the Presidential Council. It is important specially to do this in the morning day for victims of Zliten attack and Sirte before”.

“We started our meeting with condolences to all victims, all Libyan victims of terrorism. Libyan victims of terrorism, like those of Europeans, are suffering loneliness in the direst time of our history. Libyan people deserve peace and security. Finally, there is, after many months, a possibility for unity among Libyans and for fighting terrorism, with the Political Agreement, Presidential Council and the Government of National Accord”.

“While Libyans, courageously, express their desire in unity, put their country back on the right track, restore of peace and security, Europe and the international community express their solidarity to support that process. I’m so comfortable from our meeting, the first after many months. We started to discuss concrete ways to support Libyan people in different fields, and humanitarian support that can be supported in building institutions, security course, all of the daily causes. The European Union is not the alternative, but he can provide support for the Libyan command.

“There are different things EU continues to do in support for Libyans, especially humanitarian support in the more difficult times, during the past two years. We always pointed that there are more that we are willing to do. We have €100 million worth of aid, in form of humanitarian aids to build institutions, we are willing to use aid package from day one the unity government starts its work.

“There is a need to set priorities by Libyan authorities. We discussed that today, I am specially delighted for that. Security situation is still big challenge. We decided that our teams continue working closely together”.