Home News Armed men attack power station in Benghazi

Armed men attack power station in Benghazi


A military commander at power station in Benghazi, east of Libya, said, Saturday, that unknown armed men bombed the facility.

One worker inside the facility said that the bombing occurred, Friday evening, continued till morning, led to the closure of one unit, setting fire inside the building. The power station produces 910 mega watts, used by large parts of eastern Libya.

The fire was put down by fire crews. The military officer, Fadeel Al-Hassy, said to Reuters that the Islamic State group (IS) must be blamed for the attack.

On another side, dozens of police trainees were killed, Thursday, in explosion of truck bomb inside training center in Zliten, the IS claimed responsibility for the attack.

Days ago, elements of the group attacked Al-Sedra and Ras Lanouf oil ports, setting fire to seven oil tanks.