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Al-Sarraj and PC visited Zliten to offer condolences


The head of Presidential Council (PC), Fayez Al-Sarraj, and his escorted envoy arrived to Zliten, Friday night, to offer condolences for victims of the terrorist attack against police training center occurred in the city, Thursday.

The official account of the Presidential Council on Twitter posted pictures for the arrival of Al-Sarraj and his deputy Ahmed Mitig to Misrata airport and welcomed by the mayor of Misrata municipality Mohamed Eshtewi.

From another side, Local sources in Zliten confirmed that group of people closed the road between the city and Misrata, and fired at the procession of Al-Sarraj during his way back to Misrata.

Other group, protesting Al-Sarraj’s visit, closed the eastern entrance of the city, other protesters surrounded municipal council headquarter in the city where a meeting for the Presidential Council was held, according to the Libyan news agency.

Close sources confirmed that Al-Sarraj and escorted delegate visit to Zliten was safe, reception in Misrata and Zliten was good, and the delegation wasn’t subjected to any attack.

On another side, the General National Congress (GNC), House of Representatives (HoR), Tripoli government, and the Interim Government in Al-Baida city, all denounced the attack that targeted coast guard’s training center in Zliten, Thursday.

The GNC mourned the dead, in a statement, and declared mourning for three days.

Even the President of the HoR, Ageela Saleh, condemned the attack, appealing the international community to help Libya in its fight against terrorism, by lifting arms embargo imposed on the Libyan army.

from its side, Interim Government, in Al-Baida, called all Libyans of different sects and affiliations to unite and fight “terrorist groups coming from all areas of the earth”.

Earlier than that, the Presidential Council (PC) called in a statement all Libyans to “unite efforts and support the PC to fight terrorism”.

The Tripoli government asked security agencies to raise preparedness and vigilance degrees, calling citizens to immediately inform any suspicious moves to uncover perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Also the Municipal Councils of Gherian, Sabratha and Zliten, as well as the Health Ministry of the Interim Government denounced the attacks in Zliten.

More than 70 persons were killed, 187 injured when water truck stormed into cast guards training center and exploded, Thursday morning.