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The sarcasm of Libyan situation


By: Abu-Rima Abdulla Ghaith*

For the tenth time, the House of Representatives (HoR) fails to

Abu-Rima Abdulla Ghaith
Abu-Rima Abdulla Ghaith

convene for lack of quorum. Since the session to discuss the extension of its mandate, the HoR couldn’t get full quorum, despite grave circumstances the country is going through that need at least constant convening. And that only proves that the HoR, like its precedent, wasn’t a democratic national outcome, but a result of tribal, regional and partial disputes has nothing to do with the nation, and (by conclusion) a result of lost society, which lead us to the belief that Arab spring revolutions wasn’t waged by dictatorships, corruption or lack of freedom, but by poverty, ignorance, tribal and partial intolerance.

What we saw and witnessed in Libya, is total chaos without any kind of wise or national leadership, as a result, some groups, who only care about their own interests, spearheaded scenes, that’s why the first session of the General National Congress (GNC) only handled salaries and financial advantages of the members before a long vacation. Also the HoR didn’t convene for a while with full quorum unless when it comes to interests of the members not the nation. On the same path followed the Constitution Drafting Assembly, and here lies the calamity when nations are sold with the cheapest prices ever, power and money.

The former Iranian President, Ahmady Najad, once was asked, when you look at the mirror in the morning, what do you say to yourself as a president? He answered “I look to the person standing in the mirror and say: remember that you are only a servant, today you have a big mission in serving the Iranian people”. When he arrived to the Presidential office, he donated all luxurious carpets to mosques in Tehran, he was once seen cleaning streets with municipality workers. It is mentioned that when he took presidency, his living standards was the same as before taking office, Peugeot car 1977, old house in the poorest neighborhood of Tehran he inherited from his father, bank account with no money, he kept his college salary that didn’t exceed 250 dollars, he only ate his homemade breakfast, and traveling in official missions using economical flights to spare money for the State.

So, our representatives and members of committee, where are we comparing to all of that?

And now we see our nation collapsing and tottering toward falling in hands of extremists. Nation’s capabilities are being destructed, people are suffering miserable life, while they are still disputing over power, and what power.

Screams of people proved useless, as well as screams of those with big names and long titles like: political analyst, military expert, Islamic cleric, political thinker, international relations professor, strategically and legal expert, etc., all of them couldn’t change the dire Libyan situation due to absence of mature national leadership for public mobilization, enough to rein those of personal, tribal and partial interests.

In the wake of this strong merciless winds, I add my voice to all who are asking those parties to leave Libyans alone, and get out of the scene and leave it to the Government of National Accord to practice its tasks under the supervision of minor national committee elected with consensus by members of Libyan national dialogue, tasks of the government should be limited to providing security, securing borders, provide basic needs for Libyans and secure displaced return, work to achieve national inclusive reconciliation, and ending the constitution in period of six months maximum.

The permanence of both, the HoR or the GNC, means more deepening of disputes, and unconvincing drain for public money. May God be our helper.

*A Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source