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PC: Unity is the only way to fight IS

PC: While we are trying to reach consensual national formula, the IS increase their attacks - Internet

The Presidential Council (PC) of the unity government condemned the terrorist attack launched by the Islamic State group (IS) against police training center in Zliten, and urged all Libyans to unite and support the government in order to eliminate the IS.

The PC stressed in a statement, received by LIBYAPROSPECT, issued on Thursday, that fighting the group only comes with unity, resolving disputes between different factions and strengthening inner security, political and military fronts.

“We should all unite before the unity government in this difficult phase the country is going through, and face any challenges impeding our efforts” the statement said.

The PC pointed that it formed a committee to closely follow the situation in Zliten, adding that all members are in constant communication with friend and neighboring countries to provide urgent medical help for medical teams working on the ground.

The statement said “while we are trying to reach consensual national formula for all factions to approve, terrorist groups increase their attacks seeking to frighten Libyans, distract us away from the main fight, which is reaching reconciliation and building our state”.

The members of the PC confirmed that the fight against the IS is “fight of the whole nation that requires uniting institutions and securing frontiers, so that the country won’t turn to a stronghold for the group”.

The statement added “the attack came days after Al-Sedra attack resulted in the blasting of oil tanks. The same happened in different cities controlled by the IS with the help of some Libyans who sold themselves to the group”.