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Haftar causes disagreements in PC meeting


Disagreements emerged between some of Cyrenaica municipalities’ representatives and the Presidential Council (PC) in their meeting in Tunisia concerning the situation of the retired General Khalifa Haftar who is appointed by the House of Representatives (HoR) and Interim Government as a chief of army staff.

The meeting was held on Tuesday with representatives who haven’t signed the Political Agreement. Some tried to impose “red lines” concerning Haftar, while a Presidential Council’s member, Ali Al-Qatrani, refused negotiations in principal about Haftar, Libya Almostakbal attributed to special sources.

“We can negotiate everything, share everything but Haftar is a red line. And that’s what I will say in all our meetings”, he said.

The other council member and deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Mitig expressed flexibility in negotiations.

“We negotiate and share everything, but we must put the right red lines in case you cling to Haftar. We must also know that Salah Badi, the leader of Libya Dawn operation, is against Haftar’s coup in the Western side of Libya, the rebel leader Wesam Bin-Hmaid is against Haftar in Benghazi” Mitig said addressing Al-Qatrani in the meeting.

A number of mayors have stated some conditions before accepting the Government of National Accord (GNA); not approaching the military and its leaders, third of ministries shall go to Cyrenaica, and to found a fund for rebuilding Benghazi.