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Eastern municipalities mayors meet PC members


The mayors of eastern municipalities, who arrived to Tunisia, held meeting with deputies of the eastern area, Fathy Al-Magbary and Ali Qatrany, to discuss the latest developments concerning the Government of National Accord (GNA).

The mayor of Gerdes Al-Ebaid municipality, Al-Mahdy Almhishhish said, to Al-Wasat website that municipalities of Gerdes Al-Ebaid, Tobruk, Emsaed, Ber Al-Ashhab, Qubba, Abraq, Sahel, Abyar and Murada vowed to approve the unity government on three conditions.

The meeting focused on discussing the announced conditions to ensure the success of the political dialogue and its outcomes of not compromising the military institutions and its leaders, the inclusion of Barqa with three ministerial portfolios and forming a fund for the reconstruction of Benghazi, according to Almhishhish.

Almhishhish mentioned that the mayors met, Tuesday, with Vice President of the Presidential Council, Ahmed Mitig, and discussed the three conditions. Mitig promised to put all conditions forward at the meeting with the Presidential Council of the GNA.

The United Nations Support Mission In Libya announced, Monday night, that more municipalities are joining the political agreement signed in Skhirat, without mention these municipalities.