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Dabbashi rebuts his suspension decision

Dabbashi asserted that he received no copy of the document presented by the NOC chief - Internet

Libya’s representative at the United Nations, Ibrahim Dabbashi, has said that he isn’t clinging to his position after the Interim Government has suspended him in December for stumbling “activating the National Oil Corporation (NOC)”.

Dabbashi asserted on Tuesday that he received no copy of the document presented by the NOC chief with the mentioned claims of him stumbling it the corporation’s works.

In December the government decided to halt Dabbashi’s position based on document presented by the NOC chief, Naji Al-Mghraby. The Interim Government in Tobruk has founded a parallel NOC in Benghazi after Tripoli fell in the hands of its rival government.

Dabbashi said in a Facebook post that the document was discussed his knowledge and his reply wasn’t requested except he tried to obtain it from the Foreign Minister, Mohamed El-Dairy.

“Mr. Foreign Minister told me that the document was discussed in the prime ministry without his presence, and that there is severe congestion against me because of what they see as obstruction to the work of the institution” Dabbashi statement read.

Dabbashi confirmed to El-Dairy that the United Nations is not related to the work of the NOC and would not object if the NOC was able to conclude contracts and sell oil, but the problem lies in the Central Bank, where will money be deposit and the organization unity, such things must be discussed with major countries not the UN.

“I sent to Mr. Minister a memorandum containing an explanation of the situation using paragraphs of the report of the Panel of Experts of the Sanctions Committee and its recommendations in addition to the Security Council resolution regarding the organization unity, investments and the Central Bank. I annexed it to the letter addressed to the sanctions committee concerning the legitimate president and ports under government control. When I called him the next day to make sure that the letter found him, he confirmed that he distributed it on members of the government and who weren’t convinced they would issue a decision to stop me from work”, he added.

Dabbashi continued his testimony saying that on the following day he sent copies of the mission’s messages to foreign ministry in an appointment was between the NOC delegation and the coordinator of experts’ team in September and asked for a visa application from one of the US embassies and informing us to assist them in obtaining it, which we have not received any answer for.

“There is no room for talking about blocking the delegation’s visit to New York despite the lack of conviction of its usefulness”, he added.
Dabbashi asserted in his statement that he isn’t clinging to his post. He advised the government to follow the right law procedures in order not to defame itself, referring to articles 61 and 63 in the diplomatic and console works.

Dabbashi also demanded the accountability to who spread his message to El-Dairy and the full disclosure of his full letters for the good of people and the document of the NOC chief.