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The importance of communication between PA and the public

Lamin: We want to see the president able to show strength and taking advantage of the massive local and international support - Internet

By: Idris Tayeb Lamin*

These days are very crucial moments in the life of the Presidential Council (PA) and Libya as a whole.

Idris Tayeb Lamin
Idris Tayeb Lamin

The time limit of forming the Government of National Accord (GNA) is shrinking day after day. The nation is enclosed inside vagueness, lack of clarity, uncertainty, filtered news and cloudy statements.

The atmosphere is similar, on one hand, to the ambience of forming the National Transitional Council (NTC); the international support and national majority; and on the other hand to the first sessions of the General National Council (GNC) after the first democratic elections in more than 60 years.

When the civil stream won the election under the leadership of the National Forces Alliance, it made 2 fatal mistakes; first, it entered partisan quota with forces that pulled off no wins inside the GNC instead of forming a consensus inclusive government. It lost its supporters who described it of being alliances of losers. Second, it lost connections with its voters; they didn’t use media to communicate with them and didn’t provide information about the nature of conflict inside the GNC and let them to feed off rumors and lack of information. Those 2 points are the similarity to what is going on now.

People have no clue about what is going on concerning the formation of the Government of National Accord; they don’t know the basis, steps taken, difficulties ahead of the Presidential Council from outside and president’s deputies. A meeting was done in Tunisia and the president didn’t announce any information, leaving people to complain that it was convened in Tunisia instead of leading them to talk about what was achieved in it.

Getting people involved through holding daily press conferences by the president himself is significant to reinforce the government’s popularity and increasing its supporters. Not providing information about each step no matter its significance will lead to the collapse of its vogue even amongst its supporters, as they will be victims of rumors and false information.

We would like to be informed about the disagreements amongst the members of the Presidential Council concerning the formation of the GNA. We want to hear the president’s complain about pressures for quota on him, or hear him hailing the harmony of views.

We want to see the president, whose strength lies in his weakness, as they describe him. We want to see him able to show strength and taking advantage of the massive local and international support.

Support doesn’t last forever without strict stances. People leave the governor alone when they are disappointed in him; the international community supports strict stances and doesn’t take it on behalf of anyone.

The maximum Martin Kobler can do, is tweeting through his page on behalf of the president. Frankly, our support for the government is tied to its ability to abort the fail scenario made for it, and taking strict and bold decisions needed in the crisis that it also must take the country out of.

There is no carte blanche for anyone. Permissiveness that leads to failure is a disaster for the whole nation. Then, I, and lots like me, won’t be silent; we will search for the appropriate ways to save the nation. This isn’t a threat but is more of begging.

*A Libyan Writer and Diplomat