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Jadhran: Haftar and IS are two sides of one coin

Jadhran: Hafter is attempting to destroy our youth and the whole generation - Internet

The commander of the Oil Installations Guards (OIG) and the central area, Ibrahim Jadhran, issued a statement, Monday, tackling Sidra events that occurred on the same day, and started with reassuring Libyans, especially in Ajdabiya, the oil crescent area and Braqa, that the Islamic State forces (IS) were defeated and pushed back.

Jadhran said “I would like to reassure Libyans in Barqa and oil crescent area this victory, which we consider as a gift submitted by heroes of Oil Installations Guards in the central area of Libya, and all those who have come to support Oil Guards”.

Jadhran confirmed that the Oil Installations Guards fought “with the IS terror gangs who came from Sirte, Nofaliya and Harawa, attacked Sidra and Ras Lanuf on several axes, and targeted Sidra with two detonated car bombs, as well as fighting groups who headed to Sidra, Ras Lanuf, VEBA and the oil installations camp. Thanks to God, they were all defeated and suffered large loss of life and gear. We now control Sidra and Ras Lanuf in full”.

He added “condolences to all Libyans for our seven martyrs, we ask God to heal the wounded, who reached 25 till now, as one of VEBA tanks was hit with a car bomb, the airport was targeted by another car bomb”.

Jadhran sent two messages to the Libyan people, started with his speech to Ajdabiya inhabitants, in which he mentioned a conspiracy that became clear. He added that “some in the oil guards blamed us, but the truth, which we declared more than once, is that the so-called defeated captive General Commander Colonel, in reference to retired General Khalifa Haftar, he and the IS are two faces of the same coin, and he was the one seeking ruin and destruction of ¬†Benghazi, he killed the best of Benghazi and Barqa youth” according to what he stated.

Jadhran addressed Ajdabiya and Barqa cities saying “our people in Ajdabiya and Barqa, watch out and stay more vigilant, be aware of such plots and conspiracies, and that criminal (referring to Haftar) Al-Doom Valley glories mastermind, who destroyed our army during that period of time; now, he himself is attempting to destroy our youth and a whole generation with his collusions. I reaffirm my people in Benghazi and all Barqan cities that they must unite their lines, as the enemies are not only the IS, which is our biggest enemy, but also those are seeking the return of dictatorship and military ruling, the so- called General Command, and their allies are all enemies for Libyans. If we wanted military regime we would better, then, have left Gaddafi rule”.

Jadhran also addressed all Libyans, and said “we ask the mighty God to unite our hearts and lines. We confirm that Oil Installations Guards support the establishment of a state led by real powerful institutions like the army, police and security forces, a real democratic country where laws, equality and justice prevail, with equal opportunities to all Libyans at Tripoli, Barqa and Fezzan regions. We reaffirm that our position would be in the interest of all Libyans defending their resources. We are not seeking power or any positions, we only demand a unified country for our children, state of stability and prosperity”.

He stressed their support for the dialogue process that unified all Libyans, and said “we have no alliances with any party, our only ally is Libya with Barqa, Tripoli and Fezzan regions, to rise with the country. We ask God to unite our lines, enable us to defeat that terrorist group that invaded our society, and help us defeat those who want to bring us back to military ruling. We stress that we won’t allow the IS group nor any other terrorist groups to extend”.