Home News Continuous clashes between IS and Oil Installations Guards

Continuous clashes between IS and Oil Installations Guards


Clashes have continued on Tuesday between the Islamic State group (IS) and the troops of Oil installations guards near Al-Sedra oil port. Seven were killed while air force was involved in the clashes, an official spokesperson stated.

Seven of the Oil Installations Guards were killed in the clashes that took place 20 km west Al-Sedra in North Central Libya.

An air force colonel who asked not to be identified said that fighter jets raided the IS sites on Monday from the morning till evening.

The group is holding an assault on major oil installations in Al-Sedra and Ras Lanuf in North Central Libya. It is trying to reach the oil crescent area, where it can gain control over most of the Libyan oil production areas.

British newspapers reported that British, American and Italian forces are to reach Libyan to fight the group and provide guidance for governmental forces on managing the battle with the group.