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By: Atef Elatrash*

Nearly all Libyan media outlets have published documents proving

Atef Elatrash
Atef Elatrash

corruption in a Libyan embassy, ministry or even a company. Media have even published personal documents related to politicians.

If we are willing to inspect corruption in the health ministry, we will find hundreds of documents. If we doubt the foreign ministry, for example, we will be astonished by the amounts of money spent on our embassies abroad that present nothing compared to the money it is granted.

There is no sacredness for any institution, even the legislatives. We may not forget the numerous messages by the House of Representatives (HoR), the General National Congress (GNC) and the Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA) that implicitly incite the misuse of public money for no good of the average citizens, who suffer the stupidity of institutions they elected without a guardian.

With the resulting momentum of these documents regardless of its authenticity, there are no indications of Military corruption; this affiliates to the GNC or that affiliates to the House of Representatives (HoR); why is that? Why isn’t anyone talking or leaking a piece of information about this institution if it is to be called like this?

Don’t wonder, the current atmosphere in this institution is filled with corruption. All media is talking about corruption suspicions in all institutions including judiciary except for police and army, although it is a fertile environment for corruption like all else; no official or observer to hold people accountable, so why aren’t documents and information come up like everywhere else?

For not to get puzzled, let’s read the reports issued concerning the American wars on Iraq and Afghanistan for example. A congress report uncovered that America spent around 1600 Billion dollars on fighting terrorism in the Middle East, North America and Africa since 9/11 in 2001. The congress committee for monitoring war contracts in 2011 estimated that around 30 to 60 Billion disappeared because of corruption. Worse, around 6 Billion totally vanished. These terrifying reports function as an alert to what happens here; we have a war against terrorism, financial and administrative corruption in all sections with sacred untouchable personalities, why is this suspicious exception? In the search journey we find nothing but what the HoR member, Ziad Dughaim, remarked in a TV show about corruption suspicion in Military, he said as follows by numbers:

1-   800 Million given by the Interim Government to the presidency of staff

2-   51 Million as monthly salaries to 54000 soldier and officers

3-   295 Million the Interim Government gave to the presidency of staff

4-   150 Million the Interim Government gave to the presidency of staff to free Benghazi

5-   35000 military suits arrived from a friend country with unknown fate till now

6-   80% of the development budget went to the presidency of staff

7-   More than 50% of the Interim Government money went to the presidency of staff

8-   The presidency of staff didn’t allow the audit bureau to view its expenses

9-   The wounded is the vaguest file was referred to the presidency of staff

These numbers may mean nothing unless compared to what was spent in the French budget of fighting terrorism in Mali, which was estimated to be over 100 Billion Euros, the French Defense Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian stated.

The strange thing about this is the lack of any effect of Dughaim either to accept or to deny it even on social media.  We tried to search for what was said about the presidency of staff concerning corruption suspicions, but we found no one to speak,like there is an agreement that corruption and talks about it sweeps all administrations but military and security institutions. No one dared to even question the truth about the matter.

It will be troublesome when the citizen is under the protection of a policeman who later appears to be of a criminal record and it turned blind eye on.

It will be humiliating for us when one country shows off granting us weaponry as unpaid aids to discover that there are millions paid in exchange for these free grants.

It will be also heartbreaking for us to find out that our soldiers die every day and behind them there are officials who steal all the money allocated for our protection.

If we say we are in a war against terrorism, it then should include corruption in all sectors including police and army. The saying of (no voice is over the sound of war) shouldn’t pass, if we really want to build a nation of institutions.

In order not to expand the circle of suspicions, the new government should check the files of army and police, by forming specialized investigation committees to make sure there are no suspicions around military and security institutions. So no one can say that the guardian is already the thief.

*A Libyan Journalist

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source