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The separation between PC and Ministerial Council


By: Idris Tayeb Lamin*

There should be total separation between members of Presidential

Idris Tayeb Lamin
Idris Tayeb Lamin

Council (PC) and members of the Ministerial Council (Government) who will be chosen, so that the only connection between the government and the PC is the Prime Minister and the President of the PC, Fayez Al-Sarraj, only.

The Governmental meetings are held only chaired by the Prime Minister, while meetings of the Presidential Council are held to specify policies and strategic plans for the government performance in the form of decisions issued by the whole PC not by any member individually.

If deputies of the council’s president directly interfered in the management of governmental affairs along with the ministers, it would be grave mistake, chaos in performance, considering that members of the Presidential Council were chosen based on tribalism to represent specific areas, and they are armed with “veto” which is considered a threat against the ministers that will impede their management to the assigned tasks.

There would be a conflict in regional and tribal interests at the expense of citizens interests who want a government capable of resolving their problems.

The Presidential Council is, practically, the state presidency, and a tool for management. But the Ministerial Council is the executive authority that manages the basic files, its success requires freedom of decision making away from any external effects. Without that, a conflict between competing interests would start.

We should here mention that was included in the political agreement, not just a personal suggestion. The goal of the agreement is to have one government consists of political rivals, but capable of working and achievement.

*A Libyan Writer and Diplomat