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Emaish and HoR delegation visit Tripoli

Emaish: Our delegation is seeking to support consensus efforts and the dialogue - Internet

Delegate of members from the House of Representatives (HoR), notables and sheiks, from eastern Libya, arrived to the capital Tripoli, Saturday to support the Libyan dialogue and reconciliation efforts.

The head of reconciliation committee of the HoR, Ibrahim Emaish, said “the delegation is seeking to support consensus efforts and the dialogue”. He stressed the need to “reach national formula agreed by all parties to build one nation”.

The head of National Reconciliation Council, Ramadan Al-Zarmoh, mentioned that “the arrival of the HoR delegate is a strong message for the world that Libyans can meet at any time to build unified Libya”. He added that the “historical meeting set the stage for a new year of building and establishing unified strong Libyan state”.

Al-Zarmoh welcomed the delegate, pointing that “the members of the delegate are an example for all Libyans. Libya’s history shows that it is one unified country with powerful potentials that enables Libyans to build their modern state”.

It is worth mentioning that Ibrahim Emaish signed principles agreement with the head of General National Congress delegate, Awad Abdel Sadeq, in the frame work of what is called “Libyan – Libya dialogue” that included opponents for the political agreement signed in Shkirat.

The head of the United Nations Special Mission to Libya, Martin Kobler, visited eastern Libya, Thursday, and Tripoli, Friday, attempting to mobilize support for the political agreement.