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Saleh and Abusahmain: rapprochement at the eleventh hour


By: Obaid Al-Ragig*

Some think that the Libyan conflict’s poles are the House of

Obaid Al-Ragig
Obaid Al-Ragig

Representatives (HoR) and the General National Congress (GNC); but whoever close to the Libyan reality will know that the conflict’s poles are religious and regional groups that exist in both bodies and insist on imposing their views although being small groups. These parties were able to control the chairs of both bodies.

Inner disputes between the members of the HoR and members of the GNC are so big and proliferated that no numerical majority isn’t reached for decision-making, so the strong groups with forces on the ground always won, regardless of their number.

It is nonsense to believe that any of the HoR or the GNC works according to a normal mechanism and represents the opinion of the majority. They both lack objective conditions, in addition to the abnormal situation of they being hold at the same time. Logic indicates the dissolution of the HoR after it itself observed its own elections.

Followers of the Libyan talks realize that disagreements between the HoR chief and the GNC chief hindered the United Nations sponsored talks and extended it over a year of difficulties and talks rounds. Although the former UN representative, Bernardino Leon, could reach a political agreement, but both chiefs announced refusing it, as soon as it was announced. They intended wasting time; the GNC changed its talks team and the HoR tried too, it just made consensus hard to attain.

After the UN lost hope in both chiefs, knew they don’t represent members in both bodies, it announced its support the agreement’s draft and changed its envoy as both parties wanted. Martin Kobler was assigned to complete the task, who announced completing Leon’s plan. After losing faith in both chiefs, the UN started working directly with the members of the GNC and the HoR, away from chiefs. Major cooperation emerged by the members; they accepted and signed the agreement in skhirat without chiefs.

After both chiefs sensed that the UN had overcame them and headed to form the Government of National Accord (GNA), they rushed into making limited talks between the GNC and the HoR members calling it Libyan-Libyan talks in Tunisia, as a desperate trial to hindering forming the GNA.

Later, both chiefs held a meeting in Malta, then in Oman, right before Security Council embraces the agreement signed in Skhirat. Both chiefs really had to go to Skhirat and sign the agreement not go to Malta and meet as if they were 2 countries not one.

This rapprochement is actually a political nonsense that we got used to in Libya, it comes at the eleventh hour, it won’t benefit it rather will complicate situations and increase divisions. Isn’t it logic to question now, what kept them form meeting an hour and half ago as Libya has been losing lives and money? Aren’t they who disagreed about the fake handing over problem? But if they try to fool people, there rapprochement is already at the eleventh hour after the train had already left.

*A Libyan Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source