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Deputy chief: GNC still refuses the agreement

Kobler was driven off a press conference he tried to hold in Tripoli - Internet

The deputy chief of the General National Congress (GNC) asserted that the GNC still holds its refusing stance to the political agreement signed in Skhirat in December. “The GNC doesn’t recognize the agreement”, he added in a sole press conference after meeting the UN Envoy.

Awad Abdulsadek explained that the GNC hasn’t authorized anyone to sign the agreement, thus it won’t recognize it since all signers only represent themselves.

The United Nations special envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, went on Friday to Tripoli to meet the GNC delegation to listen to their view, hoping to join more parties in the agreement.

The second deputy GNC chief, Saleh Al-Makhzoum, signed the agreement in Skhirat as delegation chief. He previously represented the GNC till August, when he resigned and was replaced by Awad Abdulsadek.

Abdulsadek remarked that the GNC members who signed the agreement can only enter Tripoli as residents.

Kobler was driven off a press conference he held in Tripoli, on Friday, after the chief of foreign media, Jamal Zubia told him to leave since the conference wasn’t authorized earlier by him.

Sources say that Kobler was told he is “undesired person” before he escorts his delegation to the airport, the Libyan News Agency reported.

Kobler has held a meeting in Tripoli with the chief of the General National Congress to inspect views about the political agreement, reconciliation and consensus.

In Friday’s meeting the GNC chief, Nuri Abusahmain, promised to facilitate the redeployment of the UNSMIL back to Tripoli. Kobler noted that such step will be crucial for the effectiveness of the mission’s efforts.

Kobler specified 5 principles guide to guide the way; “LPA (Libyan Political Agreement) as basis, UN-facilitation, inclusiveness, peaceful transfer of power, Libyan ownership”, he tweeted.

The UN envoy, through his official Twitter account, said that the meeting discussed empowering women, in addition to his assertion on that the political agreement and the Security Council resolution 2259 will guide the way forward.

“I agree with the GNC delegate from Sirte – Sirte is dying, and the UN position here is clear: this has to stop immediately. We must save Sirte”.

Kobler reiterated his hopes for all to join the agreement. “Looking forward to more visits & discussions”, he said.