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Foreign ministry guard killed by IS


A ministerial security guard was attacked with his family by Islamic State group (IS) affiliates on their way from Al-Shati, South-West Libya, back to Benghazi at Al-Noflia check point, MENA reported.

Jamal Al-Hesnawi, the guard of the deputy foreign minister was attacked with his uncle and sister in law armed IS affiliates in their way back from the funeral of Jamal’s father who died a week earlier by, a military source said late Wednesday.

Jamal was taken out of the car by armed men at the check point, as they doubted he belongs to the army, they used his cell phone and knew he works in foreign ministry.

As Al- Hesnawi tried to run away with his family using the car, they were followed by the group which targeted the car. The group made the car stops and killed Al- Hesnawi.

His son and another family member were on board also.