Home News Joint committee observes Tabu-Tuareg reconciliation

Joint committee observes Tabu-Tuareg reconciliation

Tabu and Tuareg signed a reconciliation agreement in Qatar - Internet

Committees were formed of members of Tabu and Tuareg tribes to observe the implementation of the reconciliation agreement signed between them in Qatar back in November.

Both southern tribes signed a reconciliation agreement under a Qatari sponsorship to cease-fire, withdraw armed men, and opening the Ubari – Sebha road.

A meeting for the tribes’ committees is scheduled to happen in the next days in Sebha with the presence of a mediator from Al-Zwei tribe.

The chief of Ubari notables council, Ahmed Matko, said that an unallied force from Al-Hsawna tribe is expected to intervene to secure the city under the supervision of the third force that secures the south.