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GNC discusses its alternative road map

Hwili talks about alternative road map to the outcomes of Skhirat agreement - Internet

The General National Congress (GNC) is considering an alternative road map to support the Libyan-Libyan talks instead of the provisions of the political agreement signed in Skhirat, a GNC member said.

Abdulqader Hwili said that the members of the GNC proposed forming a temporary legislative body of GNC valid members and 100 representatives from East recommended by tribes, local councils and civil society, they then will be accredited by the Supreme Court.

According to the proposal, the body should hold its first meeting after a month of the Supreme Court accreditation. Hwili added that the proposal supports the Libyan-Libyan talks not the outputs of the Skhirat agreement.

The proposed road plan includes forming a 12-ministry government, and a committee inside the legislative body that observes the Central Bank and reform the Libyan Army and join the armed militias to it.

The formed legislative body will perform based on the constitutional declaration till elections is held and constitution is written.

International community has refused the parallel Libyan-Libyan talks held in Tunisia that was started before signing Skhirat deals.

The political agreement was signed in Skhirat on December 17th; as a result, the Government of National Accord was formed to lead for 2 years at most. The Security Council embraced the agreement in its resolution 2259.

Around 100 Libyan persons were put on the European sanctions list for hindering the political talks.