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Activist: 20 Tunisians missing in Libya and 150 arrested

Journalists are amongst the missing Tunisians in Libya - Internet

The Tunisian human rights activist, Mustafa Abdul-Kabeer said that missing Tunisians in Libya reached 20 including abducted journalists in custody of Islamic Stat group (IS). Around 150 Tunisians are behind the Libya bars, he added.

Abdul-Kabeer called on the Tunisian authorities to cooperate more with the Libyan authorities to “end the tragedy of the missing Tunisians”.

Amongst the missing, the Tunisian journalists, Sufian Al-Shraby and Natheer Al-Ktary, who were abducted by the IS in Libya a year ago, and a worker in the Tunisian embassy is amongst the missing in Libya.

In November, an armed group in Wersheffana released to push the Tunisian authorities to free a battalion leader, Khaled Al-Hemaly, who was arrested for unidentified accusation. He was released in June, the abducted were released too.

In June, Tunisia released a leader in Libya Dawn, Waleed Al-Gleab, in exchange for releasing 7 members of the embassy staff Libya Dawn held as response to Al-Gleab’s arrest.