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Zawia supports the political agreement and GNA


Zawia city announced its support for the political agreement signed in Shkirat city on 17 December and the emanating Government of National Accord.

Zawia statement, recorded and issued, Monday, on social media websites, demanded the unity government to accelerate the formation of its ministerial posts and take duties from the capital Tripoli.

The statement also appealed the government to work independently away from tribalism, and put the interests of the country above any other considerations, as well as remove any controversial characters from political and military scene in the coming phase.

It also asked all members and representatives of Zawia to return to the city for a meeting with different sects to discuss mechanisms for Zawia participation in the unity government.

The statement said that “we followed closely the political process brokered by the United Nations, started in Ghadames city in Libya, then Geneva then Skhirat, until the signing on 17 December. The Libyan dialogue went through many phases of modifications and withdrawals that prolonged the process and negatively affected the country’s fate and citizens”.

Zawia statement said that the “country they aspired for, is the country where all Libyans cooperate to build equally”.

It added “we felt the grave dangers facing Libya due to political disputes, all Libyans need to take step back and reconsider their choices, put the country’s interests first before partial or tribal ones, and build constitutional, institutional and state of law that preserves for each citizen his rights”.