Home News Tunisia raises preparedness statues on Libyan borders

Tunisia raises preparedness statues on Libyan borders


A Tunisian security source said, Monday, that security patrols on eastern borders with Libya raised the preparedness and vigilance statues in Ras Ejdear borders crossing against the backdrop of tense situation on the Libyan side.

On the other side, the Tunisian defense ministry said in a statement that special forces units, supported by air forces, succeed to reach four positions, where terrorist groups are fortifying in Shaanby mountains and Al-Magheila mountains in Tunisia, on the days 4,5,8 and 12 December. They also found combat supplies, pantry and other equipments used to prepare explosives.

The ministry added that the common forces from the army and national guards, escorted by armed helicopter, found camp for terrorist elements in Wergha mountains in Al-Kaf, that includes equipments for sleeping and prepare bombs.