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Before the inauguration of the GNA



The notion that the former regime had demolished all basis of statehood and its management being a definition of failure is true. The notion that people succeeded in changing this reality and remove this regime in a historic moment and after a bitter revolution is true.

Also the notion that people gave authority to whom they think are the worthiest is true, and unfortunately painful one, as sirs’ rulers have never been concerned about the future of whom elected them. They lived in the memories of the past and the stories of last regime’s failure to cover their own in planning a project to rebuild the country. Their argument always was the heavy heritage of the former regime.

In the beginning, this tone appealed to Libyans, everyone danced to it, but after 4 years of catastrophic failure, it turned dissonant, and it became about time for everyone to wake up; rulers and people. This type of drugs must be quitted; the drug of attributing failure to the former regime.

This doesn’t mean that the fast moves should be made; moves of drowning people with promises and future plans with no realistic basis of ability and patience to see its results.

The upcoming Government of National Accord (GNA) should keep in mind the idea of prioritizations. Priorities are prior to luxuries. Priorities, for example, are renewing people’s spirits that have been suffocating, making people feel safer when they wake up in the morning, renewing infrastructure since it became hazardous to people’s lives, supporting cities’ councils and spreading the spirit of statehood back to it.

The upcoming government must make sure that a citizen feels a change is going on in his life after such suffer, on the other hand, the Libyan citizen should also decide to improve.

Libyan observers say we, as Libyans, must admit that we are sick. We must admit courageously that we lack plenty elements to be similar to those citizens in the third world countries. We should admit that we favor our personal interests over the public interests; we daily play roles of judges as we judge each other. We are rapidly affected by speeches of political and religious symbols with full absence of our minds. We are regional, tribal, and selfish to the core. We must confess that we prefer money to science, the fast incomplete solution to the slow complete ones. If we don’t regain our consciousness now, when will we?

It is very dangerous for the citizen and ruler; it isn’t easy, if dealing with situations if they are normal and easy continues, Libyans’ lives will still be unending crisis.