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A contract with American Energy Company in Benghazi


The head of the General Authority for electricity and renewable power, Abbas Mohamed, signed with the American supplier “USP”, Sunday, a contract to provide number of electricity units in the eastern and southern areas, according to the member of Al-Baida Municipal Council, Ali Al-Awamy, said that

Al-Awamy pointed that the council assigned Albdel Aaly Al-Awamy and Hamdan Buqahefel to communicate with the general authority for electricity and renewable power and the American “USP”, to provide 15 units, each powered 25 mega, distributed as “5 units in Tobruk  and connected to 30 KV Network”, “5 units in Lamloda connected to 66 KV network”, “1 unit in Soussa connected to 60 KV”, “3 units in Benghazi , 2 units for Benghazi central hospital connected to 30 V network, another one in the air force base, Benena airport, and four units in Samnwa area in Sebha city.

Al-Awamy confirmed that each unit has daily fuel tank, air cooling system and fuel laundering system, also 75 engineers would receive technical training in the United States. The units would be provided within two weeks after the issuance of the security discourse from the Central Bank of Libya.

It is worth pointing that such units would help in generating extra 275 megawatt energy in the eastern area, and 100 megawatt in the southern area Sebha, beside reducing importing electricity from Egypt which worth more than $190 per mega.