Home News Sabratha municipality council denies claims of IS control

Sabratha municipality council denies claims of IS control

Sabratha officially denounces media claims of the IS control over the city - Internet

The Municipality Council of Sbratha city had officially denounced media claims of the Islamic State group (IS) control over the city, demanding an official apology and threatening of taking legal steps against a Libyan channel.

A Libyan channel has broadcasted information about the IS control over the city’s police station, police training center and holding drills for its forces of 160 persons including 30 Tunisians in it, in addition to performing operations in the city.

“We as an elected entity denounce and refuse all came in the report. We are astonished by the false information and demand uncovering its sources. We await an official apology to inhabitants and officials of Sabratha”, the letter to the channel on Friday read.

The statement threatened that it will file lawsuits before the Libyan courts against all involved if “such liar reports were published again” as it expressed.

The Municipality Council offered to provide any needed information to media and welcome media to places are claimed to be under the IS control to enable it to spread the true situation of the city.