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Questions about Mitig attending football game in Tripoli

Mitig’s attendance for the game in such critical timing raises many speculations - Internet


The Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord, Ahmed Mitig, attended the friendly football match between Al-Ahli Tripoli and The Cameroonian Dowala, Friday, in Tripoli international stadium. The match ended in victory for Al-Ahli with two goals.

Mitig’s attendance for the game in such critical timing raises many speculations, especially that the game was inside Tripoli, where the new government supposed to begin its tasks after formulated.

According to familiar sources, Mitig is not a big fan of any Libyan football team, but obviously, his attendance sends strong message that he is in Tripoli, and that preparations for empowering the new government in its Headquarters in the capital are in full swing.

Will Mitig be the most powerful character in the anticipated government in terms of activities and communication with different sects of the society, including fans of major clubs in the country?

It is noted that Mitig is the first Libyan official, since February revolution, to begin communications with one sect of the society that have political and economic effects, if activated properly, which is the masses of sports fans and club.

From another side, Mitig presence inside the country in the same time when the Prime Minister, Fayez Al-Sarraj, is moving on international and regional levels to prepare for the government’s entry to Tripoli, means that there is some sort of coordination between members of the Presidential Council, and that Mitig is the initiator of the process on the ground. So, to what extent could be attending football game is a practical initiative for Mitig, not just part of personal entertainment for Mitig?

Some close sources see that Mitig’s movements so publicly in Tripoli confirms Tripoli readiness concerning security, and that Mitig has active role in the security arrangements in the capital Tripoli, which carry clear message that his work has officially begun, leaving only the government entry to begin from its official headquarters.

Some observers see that Mitig attendance is strong proof of a thaw between sects that was, until recently, hostile groups who never met. But it is known that, according to sources, fans of football don’t carry the same political ideas or hold the same positions, some might support the former regime, some promote Islamic ideologies, and some prefer secularism.

According to media reports, Mitig commended the prominent role of national clubs in enriching youth and sports, he focused on the need to promote the role of sports clubs in the society and its national contributions, calling private sector to invest in sports field.