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Constitution of the independent state is a reference point


By: Fadel Lamen*

After the national anthem and flag are back as independence symbolic reference points for what Libyans agreed on, on the eve

Fadel Lamen
Fadel Lamen

of independence anniversary and the start of the first modern Libyan state, we cannot but to ask for a fulcrum point, more important and bigger and reference to complete the triple points starting the first Libyan state, and in order to build on its basis, inspired by its authority, at a time when we in dire need for a return and departure points that bring us together and determine the fate and the future of the second modern Libyan state that we are about to found.

The return to the Libyan constitution and work to put amendments required by the current phase and the reality, is of great importance for those who want to go forward and build the future, depending on reference points not one disputes on.

Attempts to formulate drafts for new constitution in the context of current Libyan fragmentations, division and infighting is nearly impossible. The Libyan scene requires many years of reconciliations, Libyan national dialogue to be able to reach the minimum required national consensus as basis to build acceptable constitutional consensus.

The country and society need agreement points and reference points to reconstruct the Libyan identity, personality and Libyan people that was reduced to the Arabic  and African identity, not for love of such identities, but as serving for specific political agendas and interests.

I don’t refuse the added identities, but we should first start with the Libyan identity for Libyan state, then we could complement with other regional ones.

Without state identity, no other one would exists of being effective.

From here, I think that going back to what unites Libyans and hold them to specific country is what assembled them on the day they announced the establishment of the modern Libyan state, sole constitution, flag and anthem.

Working to re-constitute and modify the Libyan constitution should be done through the Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA), using Libyan and international expertise that could help formulate the required amendments.

That modifies Libyan constitution could be the Libyan constitution for many years to come, after we can make other modifications, so it would be the permanent one we all can agree on.

Her, I appeal the CDA to take this responsibility, and realize that, practically and professionally and in the wake of current political situation and disputes, we won’t be able to formulate unified Libyan constitution, not to mention being able to get national consensus on it.

Some attempts to politicize practical calls to the return of Libyan constitution, and use it for pure political reasons, and mixing the already confused Libyan scene, try to bypass the CDA, which was elected to this task, all these attempts are not in the national interest and nor the people.

We, as Libyans, need to support stability, reconciliation and the creation of positive national reference.

And what resulted from the Libyan – Libyan dialogue brokered by the United Nations is good start but needs positive and practical return to the constitution of the State of Independence through adequate and required amendments. A Libyan team, with international support, can do such task.

The best thing the CDA can do at this stage is this job, if it does that, then this will be a huge favor for Libya, and the history will mention that the CDA was successful, and this will save her credit and a sense of historical responsibility.

I, at this historic moment in the life of the Libyan nation and the reality of a sense of national responsibility, reiterate my call for drafting the constitution.

Libya needs its independent constitution, including needs of specific modifications to the terms of reference at this critical stage.

*The Chairman of Libyan National Dialogue Commission

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source