Home News Over 100 migrants saved off-Libya

Over 100 migrants saved off-Libya

121 migrants were saved off the Libyan coasts by German coast guards - Internet

Over a hundred migrants were saved off the Libyan coasts, on Thursday, by the German coast guards that later referred them to the Italian coast guards.

121 migrants, 115 men, 3 women and 3 children were saved by the German navy ship “Berlin”, about 50 kilometers off Libya after their boat sunk.

A spokesperson of the German military said that migrants were handed over to the Italian Coast Guard for immigration processing.

The same ship had rescued more than 200 refugees. The Italian Coast Guard announced on Thursday a total of about 370 people had been rescued in the Mediterranean Sea over the previous three days.

Since the German navy boats were deployed to the Mediterranean Sea in May, they have saved 9,874 refugees from drowning, in waters between Libya and Italy, DW reported.