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Mawled celebrations in Benghazi

Men and children in Benghazi went on marches signing religious songs - Internet

Social media pages showed pictures of Libyans inside the city of Benghazi celebrating the Mawled, streets of Benghazi were decorated with lights, all men and children went on marches signing religious songs, streets were full of sellers offering toys and sweets. The city was severely crowded in the past two days preparing for this anniversary.

Facebook pages posted pictures of Libyans in Benghazi, and photos of the famous “Aseeda”, a traditional food offered in such occasions, according to AkhbarLibya24.

The Journalist, Tahany Derby, wrote on her Facebook page “all people on earth maintain rituals of religious celebrations, create more and more varied celebrations and feasts, humans by nature need and seek joy and happiness”.

She added “we have few amounts of inherited joy and limited to a small rituals, but frankly, no matter how we tried to justify the call to prevent the Mawled celebrations, we will not find a way of convincing even if sealed by Endowments Authority”.

Benghazi city is, from last Tuesday, heavily congested, with diversity of lanterns “jellyfish” on the sidewalks and in shops in addition to the fireworks that adorn the city’s skyline on the anniversary of Prophet Mohammad’s birth.