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UNHCL worried about humanitarian situation in Libya

Zaatari calls Libyan government and the world to take care of Libyan humanitarian crisis - Internet

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Libya (UNHCL), Ali Zaatari, said that the humanitarian response plan specified 2.44 million persons, including 435 thousand displaced, who need protection and humanitarian aid.

He added, Wednesday, that the World Food program (WFP) of the United Nations need $47.4m to be able to reach the most needed inhabitants, 210 thousand in 2016.

“We are so worried about deteriorating humanitarian situation in Libya, if adequate funding is not allocated to respond to the needy”, Zaatari said.

Humanitarian response plan, according to Zaatari, is unfunded till now, which is unacceptable, so the Libyan government and the international world should be alerted about the gravity of the current and future Libyan humanitarian crisis if funding is not received in a timely and appropriate size.