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Kobler concerned about clashes in Ajdabiya

Kohler talks about a plan to reconstruct Benghazi - Internet

The United Nations envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, demanded the protection of citizens in Adjabiya city, expressing his concern about clashes in the city.

He said, on his Twitter account, Tuesday, that he is following, closely, what is happening inside the city, refusing endangering the lives of civilians at risk.

He added “received letters and requests of citizens, civilians must be protected”.

From another side, Kobler said he proposed three points concerning Benghazi in the latest Rome conference about Libya.

He added, after the signing of the mayors on the political agreement “we confirmed on three steps which is the formation of fund for the reconstruction of the city, enable the displaced to return, form a fund to compensate those affected by terrorism”.

The Tunisian capital witnessed, Monday, the signing of 24 mayors on the Libyan political accord announced in Shkirat, Thursday, headed by Al-Baida, Sabha and Zintan.

The UN envoy said that “municipalities are essential part of the deal”.