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24 mayors sign political agreement in Tunisia

24 mayors sign on the Libyan political agreement as witnesses - Internet

Twenty-four mayors and representatives of Libyan municipalities signed on the UN-sponsored Libyan political agreement as witnesses to the agreement on Monday in Tunisia.

The United Nations special envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, wanted these signatures to demonstrate local support to the agreement, Zintan mayor, Mostafa Al-Baroni said.

Kobler has welcomed the signatories through his official Twitter account. “24 signatures! Municipalities express strong support for LPA and the Government of National Accord. Doors are wide open for others.” he tweeted.

“In Zintan, we have objections to the agreement too, but there are no better outputs than what have been reached already. So, we support the agreement though its flaws hoping that it will end division and create a better economic and security situation” Al-baroni stated.

More representatives could have participated except for logistic difficulties, said Al-baroni. He added “Libyans and mayors hold variable views towards the political agreement”.