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Sabratha council condemns the explosions in the city

Sabratha municipality threatens to use power against anyone who wants to undermine security and stability - Internet

The local municipality in Sabratha strongly condemns the explosion targeted the intelligence building, describing the attack as “desperate attempt to destabilize the city”.

The council said that the city is “facing a plot to be entered in a war that will be devastating”, it confirmed that such plot aims to undermines state institutions and destabilize the region.

The council added in a statement that “what it described as a blot” aims to transform Sabratha to “battleground, similar to schemes already implemented in different cities, and were exposed by everybody”.

The council threatened to “use power against anyone who wants to undermine or threaten our right to live in security and stability”.

It declared that the council took many procedures including the formation of operations chamber for emergency, the declaration of the maximum state of emergency in the city, support gates and police patrols formed by the security agencies, the configuration of security gates at all entrances and exits of the city, block any vehicle with opaque glass and no metal plates, and the registration of all foreigners in the city.

It is worth mentioning that, media reports quoted an official that the Libyan arm of the Islamic State (IS) carried out the attack against the intelligence building through planting bags filled with explosives detonated.