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Absurdity to refuse peace


By: Ismail Rashad*

Away from arguments refusing the dialogue with the organization, auspices, facilitation or dominance of the United Nations, using

Ismail Rashad
Ismail Rashad

arguments of infidelity, immorality and disobedience, or treason and selling of nations, may be the roots of crisis for those opponents, who drag lines of ordinary people, is the absence of the ability to produce productive will for operational dialogue that ends with agreement or consensus.

I followed the flow of “Cliché” of opponents for the Skhirat dialogue that might polluted and affected the awareness of ordinary people whose speeches turned to stereotyping without searching for analysis or consequences, but opponents’ speeches used to direct people with the repetition of pictures and sounds, without asking questions.

Such absurdity controlling hardliners in both camps might declare that transformation from one contrast (Atonement and treason) to the opposite (brotherhood and patriotism), getting rid of all cliché and stereotypes of rejection phase and replacing it with another modeled one of contempt and blackening, without any practical basis or spiritual  harbingers that could be used to explain that shaking coup simply happened after a year of infighting and absolute rejection to the dialogue, using allegations to sanctify “the war” and profane “Peace”. Moving to the pure statement that “the Libyan crisis only needs few weeks to be solved”.

I couldn’t look into that “transformation”, not “change” (which is the result of sane and visionary revision operations looking into the effects of reality courses on the present and the future) in “place” not (situation, as situations need logical operations, but place or site is sensory transformation of block) of yesterday’s opponents, today’s cheer supporters as objective revision resulted from “sincere” insight and objective prudence.

In return, we have that dialogue continued for one year where participants discussed the outputs, disagreed in the details and resulted in seven drafts, which reflects the amount and space of dispute that widened before narrowing again to produce the announced outputs.

Now we started to witness absurd “hybrid” features use the same faces and platforms. Directions of fatwa will be removed again, tunes of speakers will be reset, pens will be re-directed to refuse one dialogue and accept the other, without asking any explanatory questions or analytical model, that foresees the consequences, estimate real interests of ordinary people away from the “hum” of hypocrite Saints.

*A Libyan Journalist

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source