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Kobler concerned over Ajdabiya clashes after the agreement

Kobler: All parties that indiscriminate attacks on civilians are prohibited under international humanitarian law - Internet

The United Nations special envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, has expressed concern over conflicts that have erupted in Ajdabiya since Wednesday, asserting the important of respecting humanitarian principles and the lately signed political agreement.

Kobler reminded in a statement published on the UNSMIL website that all parties that indiscriminate attacks on civilians are prohibited under international humanitarian law, and may constitute war crimes.

Violent clashes erupted in Ajdabyia on Wednesday between forces of Ajdabiya Fighters Shura Council and October 7thneighborhood. Mortars fell randomly on the city causing deaths and wounds to many.

“At this juncture in the history of their country, I appeal to all Libyans to seize the momentum already generated by the signing of the Libyan Political Agreement and unite in ending the suffering of Libya’s civilian population” Kobler added.

The Libyan Red Crescent organization in Ajdabiyah called on all conflict parties to enable it to do its humanitarian role.

“We remind all parties to protect and respect our volunteers and ambulances and provide access to enable them reach victims,” spokesperson, Mohamed Almusrati said.

He asserted on the independence and objectivity of all volunteers and their commitment to humanitarian efforts and the standards of the international organization of Red Crescent.