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Implementation of the political deal starts

Saleh and Abusahmain refuse the result of the political agreement - Internet

Invitations started to be sent to the members of the General National Congress (GNC), who will form the supreme Presidential Council stipulated in the political agreement signed Thursday in Skhirat, GNC member uncovered.

The GNC member and signatory of the agreement, Mohamed Emazzeb said that the council will be formed of 134 GNC members in addition to other 11 outsider members. The political agreement provides for forming an alternative advisory board to the GNC.

“The GNC members who mayn’t be willing to join the Presidential Council will be compensated through the high election commission”, he added.

Emazzeb said that the convention whereabouts and council’s chief will be announced after internal elections.

Abusahmain and Saleh v.s the agreement

The chief of the House of Representative (HoR), Ageela Saleh, refused the Government of National Accord (GNA) formed according to the political agreement, as it isn’t a result of Libya-Libyan talks, according to him.

“We don’t accept pre-imposed solutions”, he stated in a statement”, adding that Libyans won’t accept this way to settle the government, “any decisions taken outside the HoR are neither constitutional nor legal”.

The GNC member, Belqasem Gzeat, said that the GNC chief, Nuri Abusahmain insulted political life and doesn’t want agreement. “Some still demand consensus or middle ground solutions, but there are no middle ground solutions now”, he added.

Gzeat called on the GNC members to join, as the talks’ door is still open. He added that only few GNC members stand with Abusahmain. He asserted that the opposition to the agreement is normal, referring that anti-agreement demonstrations are paid money from the government and the GNC.

Abusahmain and Saleh have met in Malta, one day before signing the agreement on Thursday, and announced that more time is needed before signing the agreement, in addition to forming committees to work on the outputs of the political meeting. They said they don’t want anything imposed from abroad.

Foreign ambassadors have notified the agreement participants that the Central Bank will only deal with the Government of National Accord, starting from January rather than Tripoli and Tobruk located governments, as Emazzeb said.

The UN-brokered political agreement was signed Thursday in Skhirat, which provides that the formation of the Government of National Accord will be located in Tripoli headed by Fayez Al-Sarraj.