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A call for the Constitutional Monarchy

Mohammed Hassan Al-Redha El-Senussi - Internet

By: Omar Elkeddi

Lately, calls to restore the Constitutional Monarchy have been rising, especially that the former foreign minister, Mohamed

Omar Elkeddi
Omar Elkeddi

Abdulaziz is leading these efforts. The chief of the House of Representatives (HoR), Ageela Saleh, whose plane missed the way to Rome and landed in Guinea’s capital, has supported this call. He instructed his representative, Ibrahim Emaish, in a meeting with members of the General National Congress (GNC) to go back to year 1963 constitution.

What I call for, isn’t restoring that legitimacy, but founding a constitutional monarchy that will be the first in the region. Before Libya is independent, Britons crowned prince Idris on Cyrenaica. Al-Motamar party under Bashir Al-sadawy and Omar Al-Mokhtar association tried to found constitutional monarchy and appoint Idris El-Senussi the first king.

El-Senussi said that he is Cyrenaica’s prince and they can do whatever they want in Tripoli. The leaders of the national stream then had to give up for that Libya is united.

Now, the mistake that sent Bashir Al-sadawy to his exile can be fixed. In year 1963 constitution, king has broad powers, that can’t be criticized, shares legislative powers with the parliament, superior to executive authority, can dismiss the government in anytime and assign new Prime Minister without consulting the parliament, and no minister can make a decision before consulting the royal court and is issued only with the king’s blessings.

Although royal, Emir, and systems didn’t turn constitutional in the region, but it managed to preserve unity compared to republican monarchy. Especially when Hafedh Al-Assad gave throne to his son Bashar, while Saddam Hussain was getting ready to inherit rule to his son Odai, Gaddafi to Saiful-Islam, Mubarak to Jamal, Ali Abdullah Saleh to Ahmad, and Zein Al-abedeen to his son-in-law, Sakhr Al-matry till his son grows up.

With all said, monarchy systems will someday be constitutional monarchies like in Europe. Morocco will be the first to reach this historic achievement followed by Jordan, if Libyans don’t seize this opportunity.

In constitutional monarchies, king is a symbol of national unity and at the same time, the head of the state, the government owning authority and parliamentarians direct him in abroad visits according to their interests. They write him inauguration speech.

The events that Libya has passed through, asserted that the lack of symbol that gathers Libyans threatens the country’s unity, and enhances divisions. If El-Senussi family is from Cyrenaica in spite of its Algerian and Idrisi roots, but Prince Mohammed Hassan Al-Redha grew up in Tripoli, and his mother, the daughter of Bakir, belongs to one of the oldest Tripoli’s families, so the inhabitants of Tripoli, Cyrenaica and Fezzan themselves are represented in this family that covers all over the country.

In this way, we cancel Gaddafi’s rule, as considered illegitimate rule, we cherish the family that reunited Libya without affecting people’s status, as they remain above all, the source of legitimacy. The royal family will care for social, cultural, sportive, and take care of orphans and martyrs’ sons. The prince’s grandfather supervised the arts and crafts school that is desperately needed to revived and spread nationwide. King Idris and his crown prince managed before it is ruined during Gaddafi’s era.

*A Libyan Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source