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Ki Moon welcomes the historical signing

Ki Moon: Signing agreement will lead to the configuration of the unity government and the national institutions - Internet

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, welcomed the historical signing of the political agreement between participants of the Libyan dialogue in Shkirat, Thursday, calling the Presidential Council to form the Government of National Accord GNA).

Ki Moon said in a statement that signing the agreement “will lead to the configuration of the unity government and the national institutions that guarantee wide representation”. He added that it is a decisive step on the transitional road to after revolution phase after months of instability and uncertainty.

He congratulated the Libyan people for this important accomplishment, and expressed his hope that “the agreement would put Libya back on the road to build a new democratic state, based on principles of inclusion, human rights and rule of law”. He confirmed that the door is still open for those who want to join peace.

The Secretary General commended the participants in the dialogue from different sects, and their hard work through the last year and their readiness to put the national interests above any other considerations. He thanked the UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, the former one, Bernardino Leon, and the staff of the UN mission to Libya.

Ki Moon thanked the king Mohamed V and the Moroccan government for hosting the signing ceremony.

Ki Moon said that the Presidential Council should work now on the formation of the unity government, prepare for citizens needs and continue to work from Tripoli. He called all participants and effective political parties to provide security and necessary atmosphere to enable the government to hold its responsibilities in Tripoli free from any threats or intimidation.

He said that “the road would be difficult, but I want to comfort the Libyan people that the United Nations would be in constant communication to support the government”.