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Kobler: GNA comes before lifting arms embargo


The United Nations special envoy, Martin Kobler, said that lifting arms embargo imposed on the Libyan army requires the formation of the Government of National Accord before discussed in the Security Council.

Kobler has been to Al-Baida city, on Wednesday, to hold a meeting with retired General Khalifa Haftar before the ceremony of signing the political agreement in Moroccan, Skhirat city, on Thursday.

“Every day passes without the political agreement between Libya factions is a victory for Islamic State group”, Kobler added.

Kobler has met the foreign minister, Abdulah Al-Thinni, and interior minister Almdany Alfakhry in Labraq air base too.

Kobler held meetings with several Libyan factions since taking office to facilitate a political agreement that includes the formation of a national accord government.