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The dialogue of co-wives and confused people


By: Obaid Al-Ragig*

What is surprising and puzzling, as we monitor and follow Libya’s status quo mortgagee, is that degrading and shortfalls of cognition, with those rulers of chance, who are leading the Libyan

Obaid AlRagig
Obaid Al-Ragig

political scene, mired in the mud of chaos, they always come up with their old new; which revolves mainly around sticking to grips of positions and gains, whatever the cost is.

Even with the sale of a nation that embraced them with the cheapest prices ever; put the repeating of such deceived tactics aimed at staying in power no longer fools anyone, only those ordinary people those who might believe everything they hear, and are willing to lie to half of what they will see.

Good people of this country saw that Libya, during and after the long war in 2011, entered a dangerous turn, that can be traversed only through a comprehensive national dialogue, that includes all parties to the generated conflict without exception.

I, with other Libyans, proposed numerous initiatives pushing towards the acceleration of comprehensive national dialogue, it was since the tenth month in 2011, as we believed that there is no way out of this crisis but only through reconciliation and dialogue. But sadly, some persons strongly opposed, using excuse like the time is not yet or the dialogue conditions should be established by the victors.

Then we bemoan anguish to our belief that the nation cannot be rebuilt, but with the help of everyone, and that those classified as victors cannot afford carrying the burden by their own, as the burden is big and beyond their limits and ability to carry it alone.

And that those who were pestered losers, they are in fact the majority of the people that chose neutrality in the battle in which Libyans fight and share all of their losses, without exception.

But such dialogue initiatives have failed to materialize, and remained confined to politicians, from the National Transitional Council to the General National Congress and all their governments in a row.

Politicians did not see the dialogue as important, and it seems that they are consent to talk across the intimate lead vein motives of revenge and retribution, in an attempt to enable according to the law of force not force of law. All that happened and is happening in order to gain positions acquired by some in the absence of history or by unexpected coincidence, predestination donated to those who do not deserve it or appreciate.

When war went deeper between Libyans, and the world – who was watching closely – realized that the Libyans lost the road and slipped in the maze of chaos, which is the main reason, the world then intervenes through dialogue sponsored by the United Nations, brings together the conflicting power, and here the dialogue was obliged between the who competing parties, forced by the Libyan messy reality, namely the General National Congress and the House of Representatives.

Surprisingly, after more than a year of the UN-sponsored dialogue rounds, representatives of both camps come up with more contradicting opinion. A trick like a desert mirage, to announce an agreement between the HoR and the GNC under the umbrella of what they called (Libyan – Libyan) dialogue; wonder when was the previous dialog not a Libyan – Libyan? Weren’t they the two main camps in previous dialogues? Does not this mean clear acknowledgment that they were mere pawns in the hands of other? or they were in a coma and only now they felt their nationalities and acknowledged being Libyans?

It’s ironic in this tampering time, as they fool simpletons who believe what they hear directly and lingered without thinking. They will not deceive those who are aware of the situation in the country, who are quite sure that it’s just a naive trick to gain more time in power as long as possible.

It’s just a dialogue between two opposing camps who cannot tolerate each other, meantime, people stand bewildered between them.

In front of such maze of tampering and chaos of both the HoR and the GNC, one cannot help, but warns that both of them cannot, at any case, agree and lead Libya to safety, as they only agree in terms of positions and gains, without any understanding of the priorities of the nation and requirements of the phase.

Any attempt to jump on the results of the comprehensive political agreement, which is brokered by the United Nations, is a kind of irresponsible political tampering seeking to thwart what has been reached after rounds of shuffle talks, reckless of Libyans, and a push for the continuation of severe suffering the nation and people face daily.

As a matter of fairness, we must estimate the position of all those who have supported the political dialogue of members of the HoR and the GNC, they sided with the people and their country, unlike those who puff and scream intending to thwart the dialogue and the continuation of the chaos that they like to live in.

In fact, there is no legitimate dialogue except that sponsored by the United Nations, which made Libya a state by granting independence in 1951, and torn in 2011, and it can’t, by logic, contradicts with itself now, and leave Libya to division and collapse.

It seems that the moral commitment towards Libya by the United Nations, supported by the European fear of terrorism sneaking behind the Islamic religion, especially after Libya has become a point of strongholds points; the reality is that, the Libyan people have nothing but to support the results of this dialogue as it is the lesser evil and the best in such dangerous explosive reality.

*A Libyan Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source