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Sources reaffirm Abu Nabil Alanbari is alive

Shura Council of Derna Mujahedeen affirms that Abu Nabil Alanbari is still alive - Internet

Close sources to Shura Council of Derna Mujahedeen, affirmed that a top Islamic State group (IS) leader who was targeted by American air strikes in Libya is still alive.

Prisoners inside the IS prisons in Derna confirm that “Wisam Al-Zubaidi (Abu Nabil Alanbari) is still alive, ERAM news reported on Tuesday.

The American Defense Ministry had announced, in November, that Abu Nabil, an Iraqi national and IS top leader in Libya was targeted and killed by an air strike on Derna.

In December, the ministry reconfirmed the news after news reports and anonymous sources affirmed that Abu Nabil left the city 2 weeks before the raid and he is settled in Sirte.

The PENTAGON then recognized Abu Nabil’s death as degradation to the group ability to meet its objectives in Libya.

The Defense Ministry spokesperson, Peter Cook, reiterated then that the US will strike the Islamic State leaders wherever they operate.