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New joint security chamber to secure Ajdabiya

Ajdabiya witnesses several security paroles covered by security chamber - Internet

The chief of Ajdabiya local council, Salem Jadhran, announced the formation of a joint security chamber to secure the city and outskirts.

City’s security administration, border control section, oil installation guards in center area, and other security institutions are included in the newly formed chamber, Jadhran stated to Barqa alyoum (Cyrenaica today) TV channel, on Tuesday.

Locals witnessed several security paroles in area covered by the security chamber in city center, East and west areas. A source in Ajdabiya Revolutionaries Shura Council said that the security paroles and gates are positioned in center and South areas, in addition to military jets affiliated to Dignity Operation, led by retired General Khalifa Haftar, since early morning.

On its part, Ajdabiya Operation Room, Libyan army affiliate, announced launching a military operation targeting “extremists’ sites in the city”.

It called, in a statement, on all city residents to back its forces in securing neighborhoods and all army affiliates to join the room. Any force that obstructs the operation will be considered a target, the head of Operation Room, fawzy Almansoury, added.

Lately, an invitation to fight against extremist groups in Ajdabiya went viral on social media websites entitled “the armed popular uprising against terrorist groups in Ajdabiya”. Internet campaign noted that the campaign started on December 15th.

Shops and governmental institutions worked normally while some schools in Ajdabiya closed in fear of probable clashes.